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  • SpectraLux® Multicolor LED Technology available in combinations of Amber, Blue, Green, Red, or White
  • Solaris® LED assemblies for the highest optical efficiency
  • FSJoin enables the synchronization of functions, operations, and flash patterns across multiple warning devices and multiple vehicles
  • Compatible with FS Convergence Network sirens
  • A serial interface module is available for use with your existing light controller
  • Available in 4-head, 8-head, and split 8-head models
  • Models available for both front and rear vehicle applications — Front-facing models utilize wide-angle reflectors; Rear-facing models utilize narrow-angle reflectors
  • White LED options can be used as takedowns, work lights, or floodlighting
  • Built-in SignalMaster is available in rear-facing models
  • Five-year warranty

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