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The features of this siren are easily selected at installation using an internal DIP switch. The SA-441M siren is designed to power two 100-watt siren speakers and includes external fusing, short circuit, high voltage and reverse polarity protection systems. A detachable wiring connector and optional mounting bracket for the PA microphone are also included. As with all Carson Sirens products, the SA-441M is backed by a no-hassle 5 year limited warranty.

200-watt electronic 2 channel siren amplifier delivers dual tone capabilities
Dual mode switch to select between single and dual tone modes
Single 22 AWG serial control data line connecting the control head and amplifier
14 different tone combinations using Mechanical, Wail, Yelp, Phaser, Manual and “Stutter” Air Horn tones with optional Two Tone
Six position rotary switch with a momentary push-button override
Carson Air Horn with replica “Stutter” sound
PA override with attached noise-canceling microphone and large PA volume control knob
LED backlighting
Horn Ring Cycler 2 (HRC2) for hands free siren tone control
DIP switch programmable
Externally fused
Short circuit, high voltage and reverse polarity protection systems
Detachable wiring connector
Mounting brackets for the PA microphone
No-hassle 5-year limited warranty
This product was formerly referred to as the SA-441M MagForce Mechanical Siren.

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