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Product # PF200H

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100/200 W siren and light controller with PA and noise-canceling microphone
Built-in dual-tone capability when used with
(2) speakers
Built-in Rumbler® traffic clearing capability
Optional FS Vehicle Integration/On-Board Diagnostics Integration (OBDII)
Programmable timer feature
Siren tones, PA, Radio Rebroadcast and
Air Horn
Library of selectable siren tones includes SmartSiren®, Unitrol™, and Powercall siren tones
Horn Ring Transfer and Park Kill
Backlit LEDs on control faceplate emulate SignalMaster™ directional warning operation
(7) programmable inputs and (12) programmable solid-state relay outputs
Convergence Network Configuration Software allows for easy customization of siren and light controls
(2) FS Convergence Network ports
Standard voice messages available in English, Spanish and French Canadian to broadcast alerts. Custom voice messages available for an additional fee
Five-year warranty

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